Q: Who Wants To Teach Pilates?

A: You

Teaching Pilates is one of the most rewarding things to do — professionally, financially, and emotionally.

Pilates is viewed as a must-go-to premium and in vogue exercise format by the widest range of people — Olympians, professional and amateur sportspeople, non-sportspeople, couch potatoes — in fact, everyone from 18 to 80+ and — what's best —
all of them are potential clients for you as a properly trained Pilates Coach.

Take a look in your local leisure centre and you will see that Pilates classes are busy, full, usually have a waiting list to join — in short, an abundance of potential clients all wanting Pilates. Imagine if you could start your very own classes around the community tapping into — and driving — that demand.

Imagine if you had the qualification to teach Pilates. Better still, imagine if you also had the skills to have your very own business running your very own classes in venues all around your local area — all of them in demand, all full, and with even more people wanting to start their Pilates with you...

It gets better though. As a premium exercise format, you can command a higher price for your group classes and one-to-one sessions. Not only will clients be very happy to pay your prices, they will pay in advance and on a monthly basis, to ensure you have a profitable business — with a resultant monthly income 12 months a year — all based around your Pilates Coaching. Gold dust.

All of this is yours with your
First Class Pilates Teaching Qualification:

First Class Pilates Level 3 Diploma in Teaching Pilates

Who Are You?

Is one of these people you?

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Already in the fitness industry, or contemplating joining, you have heard of the benefits of Pilates and perhaps seen the fantastic effects it has on people who do it themselves. Maybe you want to integrate Pilates into your personal training work with clients, or maybe you see it as a separate entity — running Pilates classes in your gym or fitness spa. Possibly your employer is prepared to fund your training. Possibly not. Whatever, you need to know that the Pilates you learn to teach is the correct sort of Pilates, accredited by a leading organisation and recognised by REPs.
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Taken a career break to raise your children? You've had a great and rewarding few years doing that, but now you're finding that you have some time on your hands to do something else and you would really like to get back into some form of equally rewarding work. However, the problem you find is that you're looking for something that can be highly flexible — doing the hours that you want — rather than part-time or full-time work where your hours are rigidly defined. And it needs to be enjoyable. Wouldn't it be fantastic to be able to do that teaching — and loving — Pilates?
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Are you a rat-race escaper? Looking for something completely different to the 9-to-5 life you have been living? Is modern work stress taking its toll of you? Fed up with the grind of work and seeing your hard labour translate to your employer's pocket? Do you want to do something more fulfilling? Want to be your own boss? Yes, you know that you can train to teach Pilates, but really, you need to know that once you've trained it can provide you with the income to support yourself. Only First Class Pilates teaches you how to start your brand-new business from scratch, making it financially viable from its very first days.

So Who Can Teach First Class Pilates?

If you can do Pilates yourself and you like to show people how to do things, chances are you could become a First Class Pilates Coach. That's not to say that getting your Level 3 Qualification to teach Pilates is easy — that would be too much to ask, wouldn't it? — but when you join us for your course, you will be guided through all the steps you need to climb up, and all the hoops you need to jump through, to qualify. You will have First Class Pilates Coaches showing you what to do right throughout the duration of the course.

There’s obviously a couple of minimum requirements — you have to be 16 or over, and we do recommend that (though it's not necessary) you have a basic understanding of Level 2 Anatomy and Physiology. If you don’t have Level 2 Anatomy and Physiology, this would be where you start when you join us for your course.

But you don't need to be a personal trainer or a fitness guru to join us. You don't even need to have done much fitness work at all — although we do suggest that you have done some, because the physical training involved in the face-to-face course days would be quite tough for you if you're not remotely fit.

There are no formal prerequisites though, as everything you need to know and be able to do is included in the comprehensive course.

Who Are We?

We are First Class Pilates — We Are Pilates Instruction Specialists

Here at First Class Pilates we teach you everything you need to know to become a Pilates Coach — a FIRST CLASS Pilates Coach:

We teach you
everything — from start to finish:

  • from the basics of how to teach your clients
  • through all the Classical Pilates exercises and adaptations
  • through all the modifications you need to know to encompass all clients with all their requirements
  • through your Level 3 Pilates Instructors Qualification
  • through the manifold ways to market your classes successfully
  • through the preparations and decisions you need to take to create your very own successful Pilates business
  • right through to the lesson preps, course booklets and class instructional videos for the very first classes you run.

don't teach you yoga and Pilates, we don't teach you somatics and Pilates, we don't teach you aerobics and Pilates — we teach you how to teach Pilates. That's because we are Pilates specialists — so we teach you how to teach Pilates the First Class Pilates way and how to build your very own Pilates business from that.

Once you are qualified, you will be the very best Pilates Instructor you can be — a
First Class Pilates Coach — and you will have the knowledge and ability to earn a living right from the very first classes you run.

Pilates! It's what we do!

Whatever you currently are, and whoever you may be, we will train you to get your Level 3 Diploma in Teaching Pilates so that (1) you are a First Class Pilates Coach, and (2) you get your very own Pilates classes up-and-running quickly to turn your life around.

Pilates teaching — when done right — is fulfilling and rewarding. Your career deserves it. You deserve it!

First Class Pilates — Pilates Done Right!
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