My One-to-One Mentoring Group

When I first started teaching Pilates it could be quite an isolated world to be in, I didn’t have anyone to check in with and ask for advice about my classes, my clients, my business.

After 20 years this world has changed, we can google and find out different exercises, how to move different body parts, how to deal with different conditions … and we can do this for free.

However, sometimes there are some specifics that we can’t get answers for on google, sometimes we want a more practical approach, sometimes it could just be simple questions, sometimes it could be inspiration, sometimes we need to link up with people who have been there and done it.

Being part of my one-to-one mentoring group could give you the answers you need.

I will share my experiences, what has worked for me, what hasn’t worked for me, what I would do differently, everything that has kept my classes fully booked for 20 years, and what keeps people choosing our classes.

I will also share my plans, how to get results for your clients, and how to keep investing in your own wellbeing to ensure your heart feels light when you go out to teach.
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For more information, and to discuss what your requirements are, contact me directly.

Jane xx

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