We don't have to tell you how good an exercise programme Pilates is, or how great you feel when you've delivered a fantastic session or class and your clients have really felt the benefits of what they've done with you. You already know that, but you want to extend your Pilates knowledge, taking it to new heights so that you can benefit your clients even more. We understand.

That's why you're here, looking for a Pilates workshop or course you can attend to do just that. And that's why we're here to help!

Why Choose First Class Pilates?
Two reasons:

1 We are Pilates Specialists — Pilates is all we do — and our continuous professional development courses and workshops are designed to fulfil your requirements for furthering your Pilates. We know what it's like to find a decent CPD workshop giving you the knowledge and skills to be able to help your widening range of clients, and we know what it's like finding a decent course to extend your teaching using Pilates equipment. So we aim to have those courses and workshops for you here.

2 We offer — uniquely — 1:1 training. That’s right! You are in a class of one…

Current CPD Courses

Our First Class Pilates CPD Courses for Pilates Coaches include these modules:

• The Pilates Reformer — fundamentals
• The Pilates Reformer — progressions
• The Pilates Reformer — orthopaedic conditions
• The Pilates Tower
• The Pilates Wunda Chair
• Small Equipment Pilates
• Pilates Modifications 1
• Pilates Modifications 2
• Pilates Modifications 3
• Back-Care Pilates
• Pilates for Professional Sports Performance
• Seated Pilates

CPD Module Prices

Prices vary according to module. Contact us directly for more information.

First Class Pilates — Pilates Done Right!
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