Here I am, welcoming the start of another week. And I have to say that I am waking up on this Monday free of pain.

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October so far has been a testing month for me as I am a sufferer of migraines, and I seem to be having a constant battle against them at the moment.

So much so, that it ended up with a trip to hospital as my GP was also concerned that there could be an underlying problem, when my migraine had become so bad that none of my normal medication was helping. On the fifth day of continuous pain enough was enough!

I am thankful to say that after lots of tests there was no sinister underlying cause, but after talking and answering the Neurological Consultant’s questions, the diagnosis is stress-related migraines.

The problem with stress is that it kind of creeps up on you. In my case I can carry on quite well, appearing to cope with everything which is thrown at me, running a business, supporting family, supporting others, caring and doing for others.

If I am worried about anything, my comfort place is to teach ... the more I teach the less time I have to worry ... except it doesn’t really work like that, does it?

The worry is still there, I just put it on hold for a bit, and I still have to deal with it and live with it. So it would appear that this behaviour pattern is the main contributor to my pain.

A change of behaviour and lifestyle has been prescribed by my Consultant. Difficult decisions to be made about my business, and my priorities in life. Specially as I love what I do, I love teaching Pilates, I love teaching and sharing with other teachers, I get my joy from caring and helping others. However as we all know, what use am I to others if I’m not firing on all cylinders.

And after another weekend of being in pain, I recognise that a
change is gonna come. It has to come!

So this is the week! There are some self-care practises which I have dallied with in the past, but I now need to commit to them. Meditation is one of those and today is day 3 of that practise.

So here we are, at the start of another week, the start of making some changes to my behaviour and my lifestyle choices. If you have also reached a point in your life where you feel for your own self care you need to change, I would love to hear your story, so please direct message me.

Happy Monday everyone,

Written by: Jane M Thomas of Jane Thomas Pilates, as featured on the BBC.

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